Towers, Points & Double Terminated

  Towers, Points & Double Terminated (DT) 
     Towers, points, and double-terminated crystals are popular metaphysical tools believed to possess unique properties and can be used for various purposes. These crystal formations are believed to amplify and enhance the metaphysical properties of the crystals they are made of. They can be utilized in multiple spiritual and energetic practices, including meditation, energy healing, crystal grids, manifestation work, and personal growth.
  • Towers (obelisks): These are elongated crystal formations with a pointed tip at one end and a wider base. They are often used to direct energy, focus on an intention, and enhance spiritual communication. Towers are believed to amplify and transmit energy, making them useful for energy healing practices, meditation, and balancing the chakras. They can also be used as powerful tools for manifestation and intention-setting.
  • Points: Crystal points are often thought of as smaller versions of towers. They are commonly used for focusing energy, clearing energy blockages, and directing intention. Crystal points can be placed on specific body areas or used in energy healing work to target specific energy points or meridians. They are also utilized in meditation, crystal grids, and rituals to enhance concentration, clarity, and spiritual alignment.
  • Double-terminate: These crystals have naturally formed points at both ends, creating a balanced and symmetrical shape. Double-terminated crystals are highly regarded for their ability to facilitate energy flow in both directions, making them valuable for energy balancing and harmonizing practices. They are often used to integrate and align various aspects of the self, promote balance and harmony, and assist in communication between different realms or dimensions.

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