• With SKY DIAMOND HEALING CRYSTALS LLC you get what you see..literally! These authentic photographs are taken by co-owner, Melissa Dailey, and are not filtered or photoshopped in anyway.  The specific crystal that is shown is the one you will receive upon purchase.
  • Crystals that are in collections titled, Hearts, Palm Stones & Gallets are not self standing. All of our crystals are one of a kind and we rarely have any two stones that are exactly the same.
  • We do not offer refunds or returns on any of our crystals. Once we receive your order before it ships, we personally take the time to cleanse each piece with herbal resin such as palo santo. Next, we infuse and charge your crystals with sound/vibrational energy, while setting the intention for your crystals to vibrate to their highest, for your highest self. 
  • While cleansing if there appears to be any changes in the crystal (from the original website posting, we will notify you by email prior to shipping, and allow you (person who purchased) to detail if they would like to exchange or remove this piece from their order. We do our best to adhere to details like this because, we prefer to treat our newest friends (customers/purchaser), the same way we want to be treated. 
  • Because we sell one of a kind crystal pieces, there isn't any need for return, our photography (as said above), is without any photoshop or filters, and if there is any damage upon arrival, notify us via email or text ASAP. Each package (priority mail) comes with $100.00 in insurance coverage. Letting us know ASAP of any damage will allow us to help direct to USPS claims info, the process Etc.  
  • Further Questions on USPS $100.00 Insurance ? Here is the link to USPS site