Rhodonite Mini Sphere - skydiamondhealingcrystals
Rhodonite Mini Sphere - skydiamondhealingcrystals

Rhodonite Mini Sphere

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The healer to all matters of the Heart, Rhodonite is known as both the “Stone of Forgiveness” and “Rescue Stone”, perfect for uplifting and grounding after relationship issues. Works with the Heart Chakra by opening your Heart to unconditional love, while accepting that human relationship aren’t easy and at times can cause pain. Rhodonite can provide support during periods of great transition and personal growth. As well as help you uncover true passions and feel more aligned with your true purpose. It may also help reveal toxic patterns in past relationships and encourage acceptance to leave behind those situations that no longer serve us. Rhodonite helps heal the inner self, allowing you to spread the vibration of love to the World.

  • Place Rhodonite over the Heart Chakra with the intention to help release fear, mend heartache and help break the patterns of negative relationships.
  • When placed in the home Rhodonite enhances harmony and may also help ground resentment between household relationships.
  • Bring Rhodonite to work to create a positive environment and enhance your confidence.



119 grams
1.6in W
39mm W

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